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Argentinien und Danach (2017)

"I was in Buenos Aires for exchange semester from August to October 2017. I dropped out before I completed the semester and returned to Germany there and I flew back to Germany. I was the one who decided to go to BA, apart from the fact that I want to take a break from my life in Berlin, it was also because I wanted to see the Iguazu Waterfall. If you ask someone from Hong Kong who watches Wong Kar Wai’s film, who wouldn’t want to go to Iguazu Falls? Who wouldn’t want to go to the tango bar where Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung danced? Yet , it was also me who decided to come back to Germany after two months. For me, it was not a complete chapter. I hope, In the process of making this book, I hope this would become a therapy for myself, to arrive at the end of the chapter. (Although this would be impossible, since I never did finish my semester, so yea) The middle aged uncle that you saw is Daniel, whom I met randomly in the Art University in Buenos Aires. He was a teacher at the University and, as far as I remember, he was freshly divorced with his wife 1 month ago when I knew him. We walked around art museums and also the city. I took those photos when we were wandering around. The naked boy you saw is my boyfriend, James. We both come from the same country and came to the same country to study. The cat is called Charlotte and she was one of my few friends back in the days when I was in Buenos Aires. Although she shat on my bed twice, she is still my friend. I hope you enjoyed this book. Bonnie


Written at my messy desk in Berlin,

June 2018"

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