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The Scrap - Happy Together

Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

24, Wangsan-Ro 9-Gil, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul

Taikwun @ Hong Kong

excerpt from the website:

//The Scrap started in 2016 as a new platform for the exhibition and sales of photography. 1,000 images in the A4 format submitted by 100 participants were exhibited only with numbers and without additional information. The audience could purchase 5 or 10 images among them. The event was held annually until 2018, and in 2019, the last edition 《The Scrap: Happy Together》was held with the aim to support the Hong Kong citizens.

As members of the visual art scene and as people occupying the same day and age, The Scrap team planned this event to go beyond the mere gesture of clicking the "like" or "share" button with the images of Hong Kong.

165 participating artists brought together 1,543 images/messages with the purpose to send them to the Hong Kong citizens, all of which were composed in a similar fashion to the Lennon Wall. Unlike the previous editions, 10 images that each audience selected were bound as two identical scrapbooks. The audience would have one copy and the other copy would be distributed to the citizens in Hong Kong during the Booked: Hong Kong Art Book Fair. Around 1,282 people visited the event in Seoul, which resulted in 1,050 scrapbooks. Five of the Scrap team are here in Hong Kong to distribute the 1,050 scrapbooks.

The movement of Hong Kong and of its citizens has reached us beyond what the monitor can convey. Our hope is to reach you back this way. “Our eyes on are HKers.”//

My artist statement to my piece:

//The US government introduced Global Magnitsky Act in 2016 and it allows the US government to sanction those who are human right offenders, by freezing their assets in US and ban them from entering US. Governments in various countries, such as United Kingdom, Estonia, Canada also introduced similar bills as well. We hope the Korean government can introduce similar bill to Magnitsky Act so human right offenders, like for example Hong Kong Police Force, cannot travel to Korea, since Korea is the 2nd favourite destination of Hongkongers.

When the juristic system in Hong Kong fails to sanction human right offenders like the police, who beat up Hong Kong citizens without needing to face the consequences, we are trying to be more creative and act global so they have to pay their price.

19. 12. 2019, Berlin
Boni und Miji//

You may see the work from the archive of the Scrap

066 Boni und Miji

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