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Hotel Room (2015)

Photo Book

"I am from Hong Kong, where young people here have to pay for a hotel room to have sex. The rent is always so high, I am not sure if the communist party or the rent falls first. (Best case is both) No normal young people can afford it, so we usually live under the same roof with our parents. If you want to avoid trouble (and embarassment), you would just rent a hotel for two hours or maybe even a night. It depends on how much you can afford, and what time you must go home. (Otherwise your parents may ask you where you are again.)

I and my boyfriend are ones of those unlucky young people; we can't afford to rent more than two hours. But taking photos, having sex and having good sleep afterwards in fucking two hours is fucking impossible.

Of course staying in hotel for the whole night means more fun, but you can't do that too often, firstly because you cannot pay that much for every single time, secondly you can't invent so many stories why you are not staying home for the night. My boyfriend is in a protestant family which sex before marriage is taboo. So usually we can only have two hours of fun and go home seperately. 

On the other side, in all kinds of unluckiness, I am lucky enough to have my own room at home, and my mom is usually not here in the afternoon, still I am always in fear that she is coming back anytime. So I hope that I won't need a hotel room for sex, but rather doing anything I like in my own flat - like the time in Berlin.

Oh last but not least (actually it is the most important thing, I almost forgot to say) 'Recording the youth with my boyfriend sounds cliche, but it's an accurate description of why I am taking these photos. I had fun in these photos though. (IN BOTH SENSE HAHAHAHA)"

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